Tuesday, May 20, 2008

That Damn Flag Pin

This is a simplistic, yet brilliant article on the issue of flag pins. Why is Obama being singled out here? He points out that John McCain often doesn't wear a flag pin. As well, Clinton and most TV personalities are often seen without a flag pin on their lapel. So why single out Obama?

Because making someone unamerican is popular. This fascist government headed by a fascist neo-conservative right wing has taken hold of an age old fascist tactic. Patriotism as a weapon. disagree with the war? Unamerican and unpatriotic! Don't wear a flag pin? Unamerican and unpatriotic!

Wake up america. If your love for your country was as easy as wearing a pin, then we wouldn't need a democracy. You know a person by their actions. When your actions and your views end up with soldiers dying in a false war, you are not a patriot. America is hiding behind a lapel pin of an american flag. That seems to be easier then actually being a patriot and standing up to government like our fore fathers taught us too.

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