Friday, May 23, 2008

Russia and China against U.S. Defense Plan

This is probably not a good thing. However, I have really mixed feelings on this. Part of what Russia and China is saying is correct. We are not helping to disarm the world, we are in fact causing another arms race with other countries around the world. I get that, and I agree in disarming.

However, Russia and China both have deep roots of dislike against the United States. And to be honest, I don't see them disarming. I don't know that I trust them that something isn't going on under the table. Nor do I trust them that their dislike of our new missile defense protect is purely due to them wanting the world to disarm. I think that is rather unlikely.

What I would propose then is that the United States build a missile defense system to defend our country only. Why does it need to be global? To what purpose would a nation not looking to dominate the world, need a global missile system that can strike anyone from any where? How does that promote peace as opposed to fear? This nation has moved towards imperialism for a long time now, and other nations are right to distrust us. And because of that, I think the US needs to really pull back on the whole global thing and thing locally.

As of now, if someone attacked our shores, there would not be enough troops at home to protect us. If we continue at this rate, we will have our forces spread out so far across the world that we will not be able to defend the homeland.

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