Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pope thanks virgins for 'gift' to Christ

Pope thanks virgins for 'gift' to Christ - The Vatican-

So this is an all holy rite, and the desecration of young boys by catholic priests is just "a dark moment"? What a hypocritical fraudulent ass hole the pope is! When a young boy who was devirginized by a priest sues the church and wins, you just say thats in the past. But you make a big deal of this? How dare you even consider your self ANYONES moral equal! You, Pope B., are the lowest filth this world has seen in ages!

What about the virginity of the young boys your priests ass raped? Don't they matter? Isn't their innocence, purity, and virginity worth sacrificing for too? Should you slam down any act of immorality by priests? No, you did nothing you moral bacterium!

If god existed, he would scorn you for you disgusting ignorance of what morality truly is! Gods messenger? Hell no! You, Pope B. should spend more time protecting the innocent children your church rapes, than praising girls for taking a vow of celibacy. Shame on you.

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