Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bipartisan Consensus Grows to Curb Nuclear Weapons

One of the great things coming out of our congress right now is the growing consensus that we must reduce our nuclear arsenal. Like Ronald Reagan once pushed for, Republicans and Democrats alike are realizing that in order to compel the world to disarm their nukes, we have to be the example. It is hard to condemn Iran in front of the rest of the world while we have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world and continue to make more. Iran was unfortunately right when it said that if we can have them, so should they. And why not? Would we not do the same thing if our largest enemy could wipe our entire country off the map with one strike? Now I am not pro-Iran, but lets take a realist approach. Six years ago George W. Bush called them one of the three in the Axis of Evil. He then proceeded to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, boxing Iran in. Wouldn't you try to build a weapon strong enough to deter an attack on you from an enemy primed to take you out? Of course you would, but then, that is called understanding foreign relations, something Bush has never been great at. Bush has delusions of greatness by killing the middle east to acheive peace. Hopefully congress will lead the way and force the presidents hand and start reducing our nuclear payload.

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