Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gay rights backers notch N.Y., Calif. wins

Gay rights backers notch N.Y., Calif. wins - Life-

Good news today for gay people and people for equality for all. California will soon be giving out marriage licenses to gay couples and New York is going to recognize gay marriage that is allow in other states. That means we now have three states that will recognize peoples right to do the same thing as everyone else.

I am hoping that this issue will come up in my state and we can vote on it again. Perhaps this will be the start of something wonderful. The start of people as a majority realizing that gay people are just people. When two women or two men love each other, it isn't a sexually deviant occurrence, it is just love, like any man and woman relationship, no different. When this point in time finally happens, maybe we can look back at this time as the point in which it finally happened.

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