Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain raps Obama for lack of military service

McCain raps Obama for lack of military service - Decision '08-

Don't be an asshole McCain. I didn't serve, but I have and will continue to criticize this government, this president, this war, and you when ever I damn well feel like it. See, this is a democracy and as such, Obama or anyone can and will criticize you or anyone else for any reason and have every right to do so. No serving isn't a bad thing. Someone has to stay home and run the country. And currently, service is at an all time low, so that means there are allot of people who haven't served who criticize the war and your commitment to the troops! So put a sock in it, he has every right to question your commitment the troops, when your supposed commitment involves less benefits, less time off, lower pay, and dying for a pointless war!

Obama's response:

I am proud to stand with Senator Webb and a bipartisan coalition to give our veterans the support and opportunity they deserve. It's disappointing that Senator McCain and his campaign used this issue to launch yet another lengthy personal, political attack instead of debating an honest policy difference. He should know that this is not about John McCain or Barack Obama – it's about giving our veterans a real chance to afford four years of college without harming retention. Senator Webb's bipartisan bill will do this, and the bill that John McCain supports would not. These endless diatribes and schoolyard taunts from the McCain campaign do nothing to advance the debate about what matters to the American people.

Very well done Mr. President, very well done in deed.

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