Friday, May 16, 2008

Bible Theme Park Faces Opposition

Is it possible to get any more self absorb or push your religion any more than creating a "bible theme park"? This is quite possibly the most ridiculous idea in the history of ridiculous ideas. I want to hear someone say they aren't pushing down our throats now. You can't go to a regular old theme park, you have to be "better" than everyone else and have your own religious based theme park? What would they do if there was an atheist theme park? All themes revolved around the idiotic idea of an all powerful numbskull in the clouds that didn't exist? Of course, there would be vast protests and anger and outrage and it would never get built. The point is that this is another one of their bird brained ideas to make their point. They will say if they can't build it that its against freedom of speech. All the while ignoring the fact that they will be forcing it down peoples gullets every time they have to hear about it or see it. Christians just get dumber and dumber.

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