Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama and the White Vote: Should he be worried?

Analysis: Maybe Obama should worry - Decision '08-

This MSNBC article brings up some really interesting points. However, I think it really fails to take into account the depth and strength of peoples dislike and disgust of George W. Bush. The idea is that there are allot of voters who won't vote for Obama because he is black. Well, that may be true. There are people who won't vote for McCain because he is old as well.

The thing Obama has to do is link McCain with Bush. McBush cannot and will not lose an election. Democrats, whether they like or dislike Obama will vote for Barack. They will not vote for McBush giving George a "third term". Obama would have to do something so horrible as to pale the last 8 years for Democrats to vote for McCain.

That being said, he will lose some votes. In any negative campaign, the negativity does get some people. It is to be expected. Much in the same way, when the democrats finally get a hold of McBush and his lobby loving past, including the lobbyist running his campaign, McBush will lose votes.

What people should see is that Obama leads McCain in national polls by nearly 5%. McCain hasn't under gone any scrutiny and Obama has gone through hell, yet people still lean towards Obama. Once people get to hear the McCain story from the democrats view point, this thing might be over before it starts. Barring anything new coming out, Obama doesn't have anything to worry about in my view.

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