Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rove Refuses to Testify on Siegelman Issue

Rove Refuses to Testify on Siegelman Issue

How can he simply refuse to testify? If you or I ever refused to testify, we would be in jail until we did! Yet this anti-patriot Karl Rove has the nerve and the audacity and the disrespect for the rule of law in this country to simply ignore and refuse an ORDER to testify before congress?

People, this is who George Bush surrounds himself with! This is who advised him for six grueling years! Is it any wonder that he has made decisions like this? He is an anti-patriot who should be charged with contempt of congress and put in jail until he testifies. I don't care if he is in there for 1,000 years. No one is above the law.

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Anonymous said...

Karl Rove has taken our DOJ and used it to take out political opponents. His fingerprints of doing these deeds are found all over this country. One case involves former governor of Alabama Don Siegelman. I don't have enough space in this forum to tell the horrific story. Got to