Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Al Sadr: Let Iraqis decide on U.S. Troops

This is rather exciting to me. This is democracy in action. Al Sadr is not fighting and killing, he is gathering signatures to force a vote on the U.S. occupation! This IS what our troops are supposed to be fighting for. Isn't this what we want, for this country to rule by the will of the people instead of cleric? Would this not make a massive statement that the U.S. doesn't have imperial ambition but truly wants to spread democracy? What a statement to the world it would make for the U.S. to encourage this protest and encourage a vote and then abide by a sovereign nations will of the people and leave the country!? I hope the U.S. takes this opportunity to encourage and foster the growth of power to the people. What a shining example Iraq could be in the middle east!

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