Friday, May 23, 2008

Pharyngula: Only

Pharyngula: Only

PZ Meyers writes:

Coral Ridge Ministries surveyed their membership, asking them to rank the greatest dangers to America's spiritual health. Top of the list is the ACLU; second are the homosexuals; third is abortion. Evolution doesn't show up until #7, and atheists are #9. This is a very disappointing showing, people! You're all going to have to get more militant, starting right now.

Still, when you look at the actual numbers, it's not all that bad. 82% of the deluded followers of D. James Kennedy's wacky ministry think atheists are "very dangerous". I think there was a general trend of getting twitterpated about a whole bunch of secular stuff, and we all landed in a big heap near the top of their fears.

Also, "colleges and universities" ranked very highly. This isn't surprising, and fear of education explains a lot.

I just got a good laugh out of this blog. I don't like to blog other peoples blogs, but this is one of my favorite. Consider this a bump for PZ Meyers "Pharyngula" blog. I love it and read it every day and have an rss feed going to my google reader. If you come across my blog and like it, check out his. He is THE premier blogger in the atheist community and is a tireless warrior for science, logic, and intelligent thinking in a world of deluded psychopathic fundamentalists.


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