Tuesday, June 3, 2008

White Women Take the Gloves Off

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This was bound to happen. There was no way around it. Once race and gender became an issue, the two largest minority groups in this country, women and blacks, were going to get their feelings hurt. However, unlike Obama, Hillary went out of her way to make this a gender issue. She played victim enough times to make the huge block of women who supported her not want to vote for Obama.

Shame on you Hillary Clinton for your manipulation that may cause the democrats a key constituency this election! You didn't have a problem throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Obama! You didn't have a problem implementing your scotched earth campaign style when you were behind! Yet when it was their turn to strike back, you played the gender victim card and got half of this countries women feeling sorry for you! Fuck that and fuck you!

You have damaged this country far beyond what we will see tomorrow or the next day! You have created an atmosphere in which women feel that you were entitled to the presidency and were victimized out of it! You pulled women into your arrogant refusal to accept that you just might not be the one people want this time around and you might have just cost us the election! If Obama loses because women voters, YOUR voters, wouldn't vote for him, it will be your fault Mrs. Clinton! Yours and yours alone!

You could have kept it clean and debated the issues, but instead you decided to make race and gender an issue pointing out repeatedly that white people like you and pushing this idea that you were some how being discriminated against because you were a woman! You even lowered yourself to quoting the enemy, Karl Rove, in your psychotic attempt to beat the odds!

And yet, at the end of this debacle and spectacle you have created, Obama still gives you a way to leave gracefully, and that, Mrs. Clinton is more than you deserve! What you deserve is to have yourself pushed out and never mentioned again! To be scorned as the person who nearly destroyed the democrats chances at the presidency for your own brutally selfish reasons! Scorned because you wanted to be seen a strong and powerful and not just a woman until it was convenient, then you suddenly were the victimized woman that millions could relate too!

But you weren't victimized by anyone but yourself! And your tactics have made victims out of all of us, including women, many of which may now vote for McCain! Shame on you Hillary, Shame on you! Your name will not be remembered for the great senator who was almost the first woman president, your name will be remembered as the one who scorched the earth and almost made it impossible for a democrat to win the election! You will be remembered as the selfish, self serving, power hungry, dishonest, patronizing woman than you are! Shame on you!

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