Monday, June 2, 2008

Solar Energy From Space

A project that was dead not ten years ago might have new life. Now that fuel is so expensive, and americans are set to spend TRILLIONS in gas over the next ten years, a trillion dollars for a space solar plant.
"A single kilometer-wide band of geosynchronous Earth orbit experiences enough solar flux in one year to nearly equal the amount of energy contained within all known recoverable conventional oil reserves on Earth today," the report said.

How can you not spend money on this? That is enough energy to do away with most of the US Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear plants. Put two of these up there for 2 trillion dollars, make all cars and transportation electric, and you will have nearly ZERO emissions from this country because all power would be solar! On top of that, two of them would harvest enough energy to power America and you could use the rest to export all around the world with nearly no transportation cost, they just build a receptor and we aim the satellite at them. This is the type of ground breaking thinking we should be moving towards in this country.

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