Monday, June 2, 2008

Al-Queda Gender Gap

This article is disturbing and encouraging. The idea is that women Muslims are upset that they cannot also be involved in these terrorist groups. They also have strong feelings and, obviously, are wanting to blow themselves up too. The top Al-Queda officials of course are saying no. But may be this is needed.

Allowing women into the higher ranks of Islam and Islam Terrorist groups will lead them into the modern era. They may not realize it, hell, WE may not realize it, but eventually, allowing women in will lead towards a kinder more person friendly Islam. Islam will evolve much the way Christianity has, less of a literalist view, and more of an interpretive view. With any luck, you will eventually have extremists that are like the christian fundamentalists. Sure, there are a few that bomb abortion clinics, but mostly they stay away from outright violence and killing. That type of Islam would be tolerable instead of the psychotic spew they call faith that they practice now.

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