Friday, June 6, 2008

The Arrogance of Obama's Leftist Supporters

RealClearPolitics - Articles - The Arrogance of Obama's Leftist Supporters

I would expect this from a psychotic right wing nut doofus who doesn't seem to understand reality. Here is a reality check for you. Rev. Wright was mostly right. Set aside the incredibly ridiculous AIDS conspiracy theory, he was right. The recent priest? He was right. And about his associations? Well, I believe Jesus associated with bad people too, yet christians still don't get it that to touch peoples lives you have to get down in the gutter with them. They are too self righteous and stupid to realize that no one helps the people of Chicago like Trinity and that everyone up there knows that if you want to help the people, you have to go through Trinity!

The right wing nut crusade against Obama goes against every core christian value you can muster! Judgemental against those not as "well groomed" as others. He associates with the lowly, he speaks with those others hate, he tolerates intolerance to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and cloth the naked. These are all things christians should do if they weren't so busy being "better " than every one else!

You self righteous arrogant brainwashed right wing nut republican fascist ass hats! You have some freaking nerve beating down Obama for doing the precise thing the man you worship did! You should be kissing his ass! Socialist? Really? Well, I have to wonder, would Jesus provide everyone with health care? Would Jesus make sure everyone had food and money even if they were out of a job? What would Jesus do you christless monkeys in christian clothing?

Jesus, ate with tax collectors. Jesus turned the other cheek when mocked and killed (he didn't protest and throw a bitch fit!). Jesus didn't allow the prostitute to suffer the punishment of the law! Jesus gave people free food! Jesus gave allot of himself for free! Do you christians do that? No! Not unless it is a "christian" organization, or church. You help your own for the most part and justify your stinginess and immoral actions with old testament scriptures, and then when it is turned on you, then Jesus fulfilled the old testament.

Well, if thats the case, the you have no argument for banning gays or their actions. You have not base to castigate Obama for his associations. You have no merit in banning prostitution. You have no cause to force religion to be taught in the class room. You should be a quiet example of Jesus love and tolerance, not the epitome of arrogance, ignorance, and self righteous slop!

Jesus would be ashamed of you for the way you use propaganda against Obama for working with the lowly! Jesus would be embarrassed by your actions which seek to ban peoples actions based on old testament law! You use your bible with convenience instead of practice of actual biblical truth. You pick and chose time and place for when old testament is valid and when it is not, carefully making sure you don't stand in judgement yourself.

Yet, you do stand in judgment. Everyone else can see your flaming self righteous arrogant hypocrisy, and you look foolish and idiotic! You try to blame in on atheists and the country going "immoral" when in reality, it is you that are immoral. Fundamentalist psychotic right wing self righteous wind bags who in no way represent christ in this world. If Jesus existed, he would surely say, depart from me, I never knew you!

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