Monday, June 9, 2008

McCain - The Defender of the Christian Right?

No, just another idiot who doesn't know a damn about this countries founding. He repeats the same tired idiotic lies that continue to plague this country. The same myths and proven false beliefs that keep the religious right popping. The idea that this is a christian nation, that we were founded on christian principles. Now, I don't really want to get into it to much, but when Jefferson says in writing that he despises the christian faith and finds nothing redeeming about it, then I would say that the writer of our Declaration of Independence, did not want a nation founded on Christianity. As well, when he wrote the "establishment clause" in the constitution, then wrote in a letter that this clause was written to create a wall of separation between church and state, then I think he damn well means a separation of church and state!

And when Washington says, "it is oft times beneficial to carry a bible, so as to earn the respect of the faith before election time", I think it is pretty clear that he, our first president, wasn't even a christian that you would vote for today.

And when the devoutly christian John Adams writes in the Treatise of Tripoli that "The United States is in no way founded on the christian religion" I don't think you can argue that he helped found this nation on the christian faith!

How stupid do you have to be to ignore such evidence? I haven't even gotten around to the other founding fathers. The majority of them were deists, which means they believe in a "god" or a "higher power" but they did not and would not profess Christianity! Heck, much of our constitution is taken from the words of Thomas Paine, a deist who hated Christianity so much that he wrote a book against it called "the age of enlightenment". And he was friends with a good many of our fore fathers! This is the person they associated with! The Jeremiah Wright of his day! Controversial, unpatriotic to any country, and fully standing for the people of the day, and them alone. If our politicians are guilty by association, then our fore fathers were much closer to atheism than Christianity. And they sure as hell didn't wish for a nation founded on "Judeo-christian values".

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