Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iraqi Parliament's Push for Sovereignty

Well, is it time to leave yet? Some quotes from the Iraqi parliament.

"The anarchy and chaos in Iraq is linked to the presence of the occupation, not withdrawal from Iraq," Nadeem Al-Jaberi, an MP and co-founder of the Al-Fadhila party, testified.
Under questioning by Republican Congress members, Al-Jaberi repeatedly renounced the "success of the surge," and added, "What we strive for is establishing a balanced relationship between the two countries. But nothing of this could be made possible until the troops withdraw from Iraq."

"Iraqis have enough experience in military training, and we don't need the US to train us," Al-Ulayyan told Truthout. "The problem with the current Iraqi armed forces is not the lack of training, but the lack of loyalty to Iraq."

"All Iraqis - Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Kurds, Muslims and Christians, and others - want to live together in one united country," Al-Ulayyan said. "Partitioning Iraq will lead to indefinite violence and destruction."

The MPs' adamancy harkens back to a Lincoln-like cry for unity; a reminder that the Iraqi nationality need not be usurped by disparate religious identities. Al-Jaberi calls the idea of partitioning Iraq a "disaster."

"The vast majority of Iraqis will fight to maintain their country's territorial integrity," he told Truthout.

"We think that the American people and Congress are misinformed about what the Iraqis want," Al-Ulayyan said, adding, "We hope we will have more chances to bring the voices of the majority of Iraqis to America."

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