Friday, March 6, 2009

Rihanna - Singer to Hero to Zero

In the news lately has been the tragic story of the popular singer Rhianna. While on her way to the grammys with boy friend Chris Brown, an argument ensued. She was then beaten senseless by this man. She was beaten until she was unconscious. The pictures of her injuries are gruesome. Eyes, cheeks, and lips swollen and bloody along with several cuts on her face.

Chris Brown was arrested and was set to be arraigned yesterday. Rhianna was set to become the virtual spokesperson for abused women. Showing the triumph of a battered woman and her comeback to the music industry. But it was never to be.

It was reported after the trial that the arraignment was being held off until next month. Why? Not enough evidence. And if that wasn't enough, it looks as though Rhianna and Chris Brown are getting back together. Yes, she is going back to the man who beat her senseless. Back to the man who said he would kill her. Back to the man who choked her until she was unconscious. Back to a man who has no respect for her.

I cannot begin to contemplate the damage this turn of events will cause to young women. Young impressionable girls who should have learned from Rhianna that no woman has to take abuse from any man. That no woman should have to take that kind of abuse. But instead, the example she set is one of returning to victimhood. Little girls who man one day be abused now have the role model of Rhianna going back to her abuser to guide them through this situation. Young boys now have the role model of Chris Brown to look at and realize that hitting a woman, even beating them up, doesn't always send you to jail.

This situation, in such high profile, now paves the way for a whole new generation of abusers and victims. Somewhere, some girls mind is being damaged into thinking that sometimes she might just deserve her man hitting her, so in a few years, when she is hit, she will forgive him and come back to him.

Chris Brown, you are a pathetic piece of horse crap.

Rhianna, shame on you for going back to him.

Congrats to both of you. You have managed to be a negative influence on likely thousands of young black people. You had the chance to be a hero Rhianna, and you chose to remain a victim.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. This message she's sending out to everyone, especially impressionable youth, but also women and men who are currently suffering from domestic abuse is absolutely horrific!