Monday, March 16, 2009

President Obama's New Budget

Time for the budget fight of a lifetime as Republicans decide that NOW they are budget conservatives! Thats right, the party that gave you one spending bill after another to send our troops to die in a foreign land, now isn't willing to spend any money on YOU. Attack a country? Sure! Run up the debt and triple the deficit! Get our own people a better energy policy, start on healthcare, and raise taxes on the richest? No way!

So lets go over what is in this new budget plan shall we?

1. Obama's new budget proposes more money for the sciences, including NASA, Energy Department, and the EPA. Its time to turn back the clock on the republicans War on Science. Listen, we cannot continue to go at the pace we are going with the environment. Either we start fixing it now, or we pay much more later. We have business men already waiting to fill in the gaps for clean energy! People who know how to make a buck are chomping at the bit to introduce clean energy like wind power at a colossal level! Its time we had a president that acts responsibly and gives science the ammo it needs to make the kinds of advance that took us from skid row to the moon in just a few decades.

2. The new budget cuts war funding. A stunning and clear cut message that we are leaving Iraq.

3. New budget actually CUTS general government spending and keeps deficit at around a trillion for the next two years, then will begin to cut it. Why and how is this? After all the budget is at record level for 2010 and 2011. But he can do this because he has shown IMMENSE transparency in the budget! What I mean to say is that the stimulus packages AND the war funding are being put into the budget this time around. That means that while it is higher over all, it only appears so because he has put in the other spending that our previous president left out. So now ALL the spending is "on the books" unlike before. But if you compare the spending of the previous administration and make it apples for apples, Obama's budget spending is either lower or the same. He is just being honest with our spending now so it looks bigger.

4. Billions are being put back for our future health care plan. This is a great step in the right direction and getting us ready for national healthcare in the next couple years. This must be the biggest and best thing our country has seen since the New Deal. THIS is huge! I personally can't wait for national health care! I am willing to up my taxes to pay for it.

5. Taxes on the rich will be raised to what they were during Reagan and Clinton's era. Last I checked, the last 20 years have been fabulous for the rich. They have seen their median income go up while the rest of the country has remained stagnant. Wages for them go up for them but not us. Its time to pay the piper and give your fair share. When you benefit most from our system, you should pay more into it.

Over all, this budget is great. I love nearly every aspect of it. All of these things are things I have been speaking out for, for a long time! We need these things and its nice to FINALLY have a president pushing a budget that works for us! The republicans insist on being the party of no. Of course, over all spending is up 8% for the military. But they of course whine about that too saying its not being raised enough! Listen republicans! You can't have it both ways! You can't cry out for more spending cuts while crying for more spending! So shut it! You are a bunch of hypocrites who have earned my scorn! Stuff a sock in it republicans, until you can learn what works and understand that you lost in November for a good reason! Figure out what that reason was, and you might gain a seat or two in the future. Or maybe not.

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