Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Purpose Driven Agenda - Is Obama Taking on To Much?

President Obama is nothing if not ambitious. Taking a look at what he has accomplished so far and what he has stated he will accomplish in the next year or too, it is a smorgasbord of reform and dynamic change for America.

Childrens Health Care
Fair Pay for Women
Ban lifted on federal funding for stemcell research
Order to close Quantanimo within a year
Orders CIA black sites closed
Stopped torture
Begun pulling troops out of Iraq
Bank stimulus money usage changed
Stimulus bill passed
Tax cuts for middle and lower class Americans
Put wars and stimulus packages back on the budget so we can see the costs
Put stimulus bill money usage on website for tracking
Release former presidents illegally secret transcripts
Announced health care summit
Put cap and trade in the budget
Announced education plan today (will soon)
Is trying to get Card Check passed

In other words, he has made policies regarding the economy, the wars, the budget, health care, labor, and education. In response to that, the GOP is split. Half of them saying he isn't doing any thing to help the economy, which is obviously a lie, and the other half, curiously, saying he is taking on too much. Heck, even Warren Buffet chimed in against how much he is doing.

But to me, this baffles the mind. What choice does he have? Policies from the last two decades have left Healthcare in shambles, costs rising dramatically, education in horrible shape, children left uncovered by medicaid, women not allowed to contest their own discrimination, research set back by a decade, progress on the enviroment set back a decade, america's reputation demolished, deficit sky rocketed by a war based on lies, and economic policies that created the largest transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy, ever seen in our lifetime.

None of these problems are small. They all demand immediate attention. Yet some how he is doing to much at once? Damn it, he doesn't have a choice. Had we had a President who resembled either or:
A. A Human being
B. An intelligent rational person
C. An honest person

Then perhaps the last eight years wouldn't have put us in this situation. In fact, he is going to add more to his plate. Soon he will start putting regulations back into place that have been taken out the last two presidencies. Does he have a choice in doing so much at once? Does he REALLY have a choice? Which of these can wait until a year or two has passed? Education? Healthcare? How about stopping torture or war? What about research? Any of these that can honestly just sit as is and not cause further damage?

The answer is no, they can't. He is taking these projects on, not just because he is ambitious, which he is, but because they cannot wait for him to solve on problem then move to the next. Rumor has it that he will be attempting to pass national healthcare at the end of this year. Wow, what a huge undertaking that will be. Fact of the matter is that our countries businesses NEED a national healthcare plan to help them compete in the global economy. No other country has to deal with the healthcare costs our companies have to deal with. In fact, no other population in an industrialized modern country has to deal with paying for the massively high prices of healthcare that we have too. For this country to recover and compete, we must have national healthcare. Our future depends on it.

In other words, President Obama is doing all these things at once because all these things are pressing problems that came at him, all at once. He has no choice but to suck it up and step up to the plate, one pitch at a time. Even if those pitches are coming at him all at once.

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