Friday, March 13, 2009

Fundamentalist Heroes: Michael Savage

Michael Savage isn't just any old whack job. He is an especially dangerous whack job. During Katrina, a 75 year old women told people what she saw inside the Dome in New Orleans. She told of horrible conditions. Michael Savage laughed at her story and questioned whether or not she had an "agenda" and what liberal organization she must work for. What a shit head!

But recently, Michael Savage has crossed the line from Crazy, to dangerous. Michael Savage, on a recent radio broadcast, talked about his insane idea that the people Obama is going to have weatherizing houses, are actually part of an elite paramilitary group that will start turning this nation into a Nazi type dictatorship. You can listen to it here:

But his insanity isn't new, just more dangerous.

Quotes from his book, Savage Nation:
When ultraliberalism takes over the mind of a city, streets are no longer safe, people are defenseless, and wackos with weapons get free handouts. (P. 14)

Back when America was still moral and whole, our meatballs were big, soft, and tasty. Today, thanks mainly to the Demoncats, the libs, and the Commu-Nazis who rule the courts, America's meatballs are small, hard, and tasteless. In other words, we have replicated the Swedish meatball, which is what socialism brings. (P. 17)

Liberalism is unraveling the very fabric of this great nation. And the sooner you understand that liberalism is a dangerous mental disorder, the sooner you can break free from this insanity that attacks the way you live, how you conduct your business, the way you worship, the choice of SUV you drive, the food you eat, and the very freedoms you enjoy. (P. 19)

As for the clipped-haired, mean-faced Demoncats who tell me I'm hateful and intolerant because I oppose the tidal wave of Turd World immigration, I say, Go find another country. Who are you to judge me? You may think unlawful immigrants sucking the nipple of taxpayer subsidized healthcare is a good thing, but you're wrong, and I'll prove it. (P. 23)

I stare at the pages of the "Old York Times" wondering what new game the liberal terrorists, with the aid of the government-media complex, are inflicting on us. Every time I read the paper, I have to decode. I'm sickened by watching the politicians, the femi-fascists, the Commu-Nazis, and the RDDBs rip apart the land I inherited. (P. 27)

Yes, he is an idiot.

Savage also hates MSNBC and women reporters.

Turn on MSNBC and you'll find the mind-slut with a big pair of glasses that they sent to Afghanistan. She looks like she went from porno into reporting. See, when they get over forty they go into news. (p. 48)

Yeah, don't think he has watched Fox News.

He hates female politicians.

Had Mr. Bush gone along with Feinstein's request, you can be sure Barbara "Babs" Boxer would demand to be in the loop-in the interest of fairness. I guarantee it, two seconds after Babs put her hands on these national secrets, she'd be on a cell phone to someone in Brooklyn:

You know what I just heard. Let me tell you, they're going to launch in two minutes. Oh yeah, it'll be over Afghanistan... No, I don't want you to tell anybody, it's just between you and me, and by the way, I had my nails done this morning. Oh, I had them done in pink, and yeah, were launching three B3 bombers in exactly twelve minutes but I tell you the truth, the jewelry I bought on QVC, it really doesn't hold up when I go on C-SPIN, you know, it looks a little cheap... (P. 50)

He also believes in racial profiling, hates all immigrants (says koreans shouldn't be allowed over here because they like to grill dog in his backyard), and believes liberals and the democrats are the party of tyranny. Yeah, go figure! Idiot!

Michael Savage is an idiot with a microphone, which makes him dangerous. He has a fairly large following of other idiots who spout his same crap too. Whats worse, he has gotten worse since his party was removed from power. This is a man to watch for. A man to fight against. A dangerous, unreasonable, man.

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