Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fundamentalist Heroes: Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes is a class a Whack-Nut. But the far right extremists LOVE him! He believes in a Constitutional Theocracy, and believes that is what our fore fathers wanted. Not a "christian nation", a freaking theocracy. He judges every single issue on the bible, no exceptions.

I frankly don't care if you agree with my stand on abortion. I take that stand because no other stand is consistent with decent principles, and no other standard is consistent with the will of God.

Notice that he points out gods will? As if he can actually know it himself. Keyes believes himself special, that some how god talks to him personally. He believes that anything that is not in the bible is nothing less that the destruction of our country. Take homosexuality. He believes they have a RADICAL agenda. Yeah, like equal rights. Pretty radical to want the same things you have a right too. But read what he says about it. It is completely off the charts ridiculous.

It's about time we all faced up to the truth. If we accept the radical homosexual agenda, be it in the military or in marriage or in other areas of our lives, we are utterly destroying the concept of family.

Utterly destroyed? By letting gay people marry or serve in the military? Idiot! He considers taxes socialist, and wants to limit the governments spending and revenue to force spending cuts. If Keyes had his way, government would spend on taxes and helping out the church and nothing else.

But perhaps the most psychotic issue Keyes has is his psychotic belief that Obama is not a natural born citizen simply because Obama has not forced the Hawaii government to release his long form birth certificate. Not only that, he believes Obama to be a Kenyan usurper and believes Obama being president means the end of our world as we know it! Just watch him.

Fundamentalist hero Alan Keyes is on the fringe of the Right wing. But make no mistake, he has more followers than he should in a country as advanced as ours!

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