Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya - The Lessons We Won't Learn

Over the last 10 years, we should have learned that we cannot change the middle east. A decade later, we find ourselves still in Afghanistan, no closer to finding Bin Laden, no closer to ending the Taliban forever, than we were when we started. Iraq is still a mess, though better in many respects than before we invaded. But we shouldn't have invaded either.

Now, we find ourselves in Libya, bombing with the UN, the same way Iraq started. We are being told that we won't be leading this much longer, but that remains to be seen. The question is again, should we be there? What purpose are we going for? This time there is no lie about WMD's, no lies about involvement in 9/11. But under the guise of civilian lives. This is a civil war.

While I am completely with the rebels in Libya, we should support them in other ways besides military action. Why risk our lives, our blood, our treasure, for a war we have no part in starting and no place in?

Dennis Kucinich has called for Obama's impeachment for war crimes. Well this is clearly over kill as Obama has the power to do what he did, he didn't declare war. But Obama was certainly wrong in this. There is definitely a sentiment that we don't belong, and the anti-war left that helped him get in office certainly doesn't believe in another military action.

Obama is just another in a long line of war mongering presidents who seem to believe our nose belong in everyone else's business.


Cookie Parker said...

I don't think Obama had the right to go into Libya with an act of war. He declared waron Libya and he di dnot have the power to do that.

I think he should be impeached. I think he MUST be impeached. Lest other prisdents think bush's prre-emptive strike policy will prevail in this nation.

While the rich upper 1% are swimming in the money they are raking in here, the rest of the natin is going to have make sacrifices? I don't think so.

TC73 said...

Wow. Cookie Parker, your post made practically no sense, not to mention your facts are incorrect. Obama did not declare war on Libya, but there is debate as to whether he can authorize that type of military action without congresses consent.
Also, what in the world are you talking about in your last paragraph? You're sentence is constructed as a statement but has a question mark at the end. You have no idea what you're talking about? I think so.

Trapped In Red said...

Finally supporting the people in the middle east, as opposed to the dictators, is step one towards peace and stability.

Sure we are not consistent but so what?

It would be impossible to be.