Friday, March 4, 2011

Tryanny at the Gate

Well, its been a while since I posted. But a fellow poster at has inspired me to start blogging again. His name is ace, and you can find him in my list of people I follow. His blog is new, so check it out, give him some feed back, and click his adsense link so the man can make a bit o change!

Now, onto why I'm posting today.

Wisconsin has been the countries focus for the last couple weeks because of the Governors incessant desire to squash unions in the public sector. But he recently showed another dark part of his heart that really should show even the most ignorant republican what he is really like. He threatened to lay off 1,500 public sector employees if the democrats don't return and allow a vote which will strip them of their right to collective bargaining and the power of the peoples union will be dead.

Governor Walker has exposed the reality of what the republicans want. The destruction of your rights as a worker. In states all across the union, a similar fight is starting. They got the power in the House and are now attempting to destroy the unions with great zeal. President Obama obliged the big corporations in the auto deal and helped bust the unions for the auto companies, something no democratic president has ever done. But with the loss of the unions, we lose the middle class as well. Before unions there were no middle class workers. There were the working class and the rich. The working class was always at the bottom of the economic ladder.

So what this comes down too is nothing more than the attempted destruction of the middle class so that the rich can walk all over us again. It is class warfare at its most devious and underhanded. They get their tax breaks, they destroy unions, they get tax loop holes, and now their multimillion dollar corporations have no restrictions in political races. They can and will systematically buy up the peoples government and use it as their tool. The process has already begun. The dream of an equal social democracy is dying, being replaced by the reality of a Corporate Fascist regime in which we elect leaders supported by the likes of the uber rich like the Koch Brothers.

If we don't wake up america, we will be back in the 1920's, when people down on their luck stood in soup kitchen lines, and lived in boxes. When people worked long hard hours for little money, just barely able to get by. Charles Dickens reality is our future if we don't wake up to the tyranny at the gate.


Acebass said...

Following you as well... ;)

Lets start something...

Cookie Parker said...

The definitive word in this is "again". the rich want to go back to the 1880's as they don't really want to have lave labor in nations where the people will rise up and possibly kill them. They want their religion and their media to pacify us into submission.

Now they have found out, with their bold risk in Wisconsin that they cannot do that. That they have gone too far. And there is absolutely no way they can put the genie back in the bottle. We have seen their underbelly...and it's all snake.