Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Its Election Season Again!

Its that time of the year again, election season. And the first order of business is reelection Barack Obama as President. I know many disaffected liberals and moderate democrats who are not and have not been happy with Obama. However I intend to lay out the reason you should get your ass out there and support him once again.

Reason 1:
The Tea Party - Currently the Tea Party is slowly tea bagging the right to death. Nearly all of their legislation makes massive cuts to the ones that can't afford it, while they back up military spending and tax cuts to the rich. Obama has and will continue to oppose nearly everything the idiotic tea party stands for.

Reason 2:
Iraq and Afghanistan - Like it or not, Obama has withdrawn most of the troops from Iraq and has plans on the table for beginning troop withdrawals from Afghanistan this summer. On top of that, some very keen democrats are crafting a bill that will force him to set a date. If republicans take the Senate and or the White House, we can expect Afghanistan to continue on as is with no change.

Reason 3:
Republican plans for medicare - Rep Paul Ryans plan for medicare is a near carbon copy of current health care as Obama's plan outlines. After calling it socialism, he steals the idea for medicare. Problem is medicare is a social safety net. He would essentially privatize it. No vouchers, a premium required payment from seniors. Abolishing medicare would be disastrous to this countries elderly. Think about your parents before you vote for a single republican.

Reason 4:
Corruption - Florida republicans have now made it legal for companies to walk into a congressional office and hand them a check and tell them what they want. They call it a donation to the "leadership fund". Its legal bribary brought to you by the republican party.

Reason 5:
Workers rights - Republicans are hell bent on destroying workers rights, one union at a time. The governor of Wisconsin plainly said that this was designed to hurt Obama. Destroy the workers to hurt Obama. Republicans are willing to sacrifice middle blue collar america to gain more power.

Reason 6:
The alternative - Consider exactly who the republican party could offer to replace Obama. Can you think of a single person you would be okay getting elected? The GOP is dominated by far right wing Tea Party conservatives right now. Any one of them would be disastrous to this country if they were elected.

These are six but very good reasons to vote for Obama in 2012. This isn't for republicans or conservatives. This is for the democrats. He needs his base to really turn out for him next year. I hope you will all get out and vote and push others to get out and vote for Obama in 2012.

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Scott Heath said...

You are gonna make republican Jesus cry!