Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Land of the Rising Sun sees darkness

I am a big fan of Japan. I love their animation. I love the culture. I love the heritage and history. I find Japanese women to be exotic and stunning in beauty. So it has pained me greatly to watch events unfolding over the last week. This blog is normally reserve for political vitriol and religious expose', but not today.

After a devastating 8.9 earthquake, Japan was devastated by an epic tsunami that hit not only Japan but was large enough to take a 6 foot wave all the way to Hawaii and beyond. If that was devastating enough, it was followed by the break down of cooling in reactors 1 and 2. Then explosions in reactor 3. Then more failures at reactor 4 and another explosion. We now know that it is feared that reactors 5 and 6 will have an explosion or meltdown as well.

Yesterday, radiation levels got so high workers had to abandon one of the reactors. The radiation is high enough that it is feared the reactor is melting down. This melt down will release significantly higher amounts of radiation into the air compared to the radioactive steam being let off now due to the water boiling straight out into the air.

We can only hope that Japan is able to hold on to a thread of hope as panic begins to set in as the realization that this might be beyond their control takes hold. My thoughts, worries, and concerns rest with Japan and its people right now.

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