Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bigotry and Union Busting


Republican Representative Peter King has made bigotry a past time. While American Muslims have been helping to uncover and stop 7 out of the last 10 plots, he and the far right republicans are flying off into paranoia. While most of the plots are coming from Americans these days, not foreign Muslims, he is trying to scapegoat and entire group of people.

Its time we call this POS what he and his kind are. Bigots, of the first degree. They hate what they don't understand. They fear what they deem as too different from themselves. It is ignorance that drives bigotry. We as a people need to rise up and qhite frankly give the finger to representatives likes Peter King. Further, we need to ostracize bigots in our society. Stop remaining quiet. Call bigots out when they decide to open their mouth and spew their ignorance. Perhaps if we ridicule, call out, denigrade, and demonize these bigots for what they are, publicly, and loudly, we will be able to silence the evil of bigotry once again.

Union Busting

Well the GOP did it. They effectively busted the public sector unions in Wisconsin. They said FUCK YOU to the majority who is going to attempt to recall them. And why did they do it? Was there no other way? No, there were plenty of ways to cut the budget and even work with the unions who were willing to negotiate. They did it for one reason and one reason only, to hurt Obama and the democrats. Should the 8 republicans get recalled and the governor, and democrats replace all of them, the union will no longer have the power it once had. It will no longer be the driving force for the democrats because it has been massively neutered.

Welcome to Wisconsin, where the working man gets openly, and defiantly beaten into the dirt, all for brazen political gain.

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Cookie Parker said...

Great writing and well thought out comments,. You have a way of presenting the ideals of this nation withtou preaching.