Monday, February 25, 2008

A Presidential Hopeful Falters

I just read an article on that talks about Hillary Clintons spending on the campaign. It goes into great detail on how she miss managed money and spent money where it should have been saved. How she was able to raise only 1$ to every $2.50 that Barack Obama raised. Its a sad state of affairs for her and her group. She, after all, behaved and spent money like she was the presumed from runner. But she wasn't.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, built up his donation pool from regular people like you and me. Asking us to sacrifice just a little for change. And when it came down to it, thats what worked. Obama has out spent and out fund raised Clinton for a few months now. Why? Because he won. He won with a message of hope and change that no other candidate can bring. He won because he believed that a people who want change bad enough are willing to sacrifice for it. He required his supporters to do more than cheer at rallys and cheer at the Tv. He required them to prove their support and their dedication to change.

And they responded in a big way. Obama just flat out has more people supporting him than anyone else. Five dollars here, five dollars there, and next thing you know, you are breaking fund raising records. But thats what makes him great. Thats why he will win this election. After 9/11, Bush told us to ignore that anything had happened. To trust the government. To shut up, be afraid, and trust the government to protect you. Spend as usual he said. But Obama realized that people want to be a part of this country. They want to jump in feet first and feel the burn and the exciting meant of changing the country. That is what he gave them. He gave them a role in the change. He told them that they would need to scrape and sacrifice for change. And the people responded. While others try to distance themselves from the voters, while others try and give away a free ride. Obama is giving a call to arms. A call to give those few pennies you have. To give of yourself. And only then can change come.

I am ready for change. And during the major election, I will give him some of my hard earned money. Why? Because I want change so bad I can taste it. And I want it so bad I want to be a part of it. So I will give of my self, my money, my time, to help bring that change.

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