Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Blueprint For Change

How do you defeat change? How can you stifle hope? Thats an easy question. Just look at what has been done to Barack Obama. He has been accused of being a radical racist christian, a radical islamic terrorist, a socialist, a fascist, and much worse by others I'm sure. But none of it turns out to be more than rumor and conspiracy theory by people afraid of what Obama will mean for america.

Obama will me the turning of a page. It will mean the end of race as a barrier if a black man can be president. It will mean a new beginning for how this country is viewed by the world if we can elect a man of color. It will mean a turning of heads to have a person as eloquent as Barack Obama speaking to our enemies, someone who understands the power of words in a world that desperately needs diplomacy.

Barack Obama has outline his plans for America. I have read them. They are inspiring, they are amazing, and they fill me with hope for a better tomorrow for my children. For everything that he is, for everything that he could be, he has my undying devotion and support. Is he everything I hope for? Probably not. But he gives hope during a time when hope is desperately lacking. He is what this country needs.

Barack Obama is A Change We Can Believe In!


Donate some time. Donate some money. Donate a blog or two to the cause of hope and a new beginning for this country.

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