Monday, February 11, 2008

Cantankerous Ignorance

I simply can't stand people in this country any more. People are nothing more than sheep that believe what they are told. They, as a whole, are completely uninformed and yet still feel okay with spouting their mouths off! Not only that, they make accusations that are completely baseless and ignorant. I have never been called a socialist more times in one day as I was today on a local forum I post on! Not only is it ridiculous, they don't know what socialism is! They accuse me of being a socialist and being against America because I am against our government! The fact that I am completely against big government totally escapes them!

You can't simply make accusations without knowing what your talking about. None the less, certain people continue to post their ignorance based on sites like "World Net Daily" and "Free Republic" despite the fact that their news worthiness has been exposed as a biased fraud. They even go so far as to call a lift wing biased site! Really? IDIOTS!

What is someone to do when you dismantle someone elses argument and they still won't give it up? Its ignorance at its pinnacle in a world at the height of its technology and science discovery. How can this be? Its very sad that our society now resorts to superstition and bullshit once again. That the very people who are being sheep are accusing those who are speaking out independently of being sheep. Independents and those opposed to were our government is taking us need to stand up this next election and take our power back from the ignorant sheeple of this country!

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