Friday, February 8, 2008

Mitt Romney - Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Mitt Romney, the politically savvy governor from Massachusetts has finally dropped out of the race for president. The governor who once endorsed abortion, gay marriage, and getting out of Iraq is finally gone. After all, as president, he was a different person. He is against abortion, gay marriage, or leaving Iraq. He completely changed to run for president.

Its a shame that we have politicians actually getting ANY support when they so obviously pander to special interests. Romney represents everything bad about our political system. He was willing to sacrifice every core political view he had to be president. No view or issue was important enough to make a stand on. He wanted the nomination so he set his values in line with who he thought was his core audience. Instead of being strong, he was a weak coward of a politician, and to think, he could have been president!

So who is left? Just six total still in the race, and less than a hand full of actual contenders. For the republicans, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul remain. John McCain is fairly far from a conservative, but he puts up a nice challenge to the democrats on major issues. Mike Huckabee is a baptist preacher who believes we should change our constitution to match gods law. No person that isn't a dominionist theocrat would vote for him. Thats why its alarming that he actually has delegates in his pocket. Ron Paul is the small government candidate but doesn't stand a chance in hell of getting the nomination, he is to libertarian.

For the democrats, there is Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Gravel. Barack Obama is the candidate for change. He would be the first black president in our history. To do so he must over come the republican slime machine which has thrown everything from "He is a radical muslim" to "He is a nation of islam racist" into the mix. Its very entertaining but it may over come his bid if he isn't careful. Hillary Clinton wants to be the first female president, but can she out run her past with the baggage she carries? Mike Gravel, while sound in his views on government, isn't a factor and has no delegates.

So its come down to this. The republicans cannot find a way to beat the democrats with a true conservative because the country is fed up with them. They bring up Bill Clintons past to try and derail Hillary. They result to outright lies about Barack Obama. The slime machine is in full force to derail this countries revolution. If republicans ever wise up to the reality of this, the party will be finished. It almost is. Which would be a shame. Conservatism and liberalism hate each other, but they hold the country in balance, constantly tugging at each other. Once there is no more conservative voice, we will pull to the extreme of liberalism, socialism. We almost pulled to the extreme of conservatism under Bush, fascism. Its a dangerous and exciting time in this country. Make sure you all participate, as is your right.

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