Monday, January 28, 2008

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain

Alright, after much deliberation and thinking, I have decided to endorse a candidate in each party. One, I really like, one I used to like, but can learn to live with now as president. But before that, I would like to say what needs to be said to Bill Clinton. Shut the hell up! Christ! What is wrong with you? If your wife wins, its won't look like she can do it with out you. You aren't helping her out any. But if she doesn't win, you are causing damage to the democratic parties election cause! Especially if Barack Obama wins, you are hurting his chances especially! Can't you see that? Aren't you smart enough to get that what you are doing can and will have lasting negative effects on the democratic party? Wake up Bill and smell the roses! And while your doing that, shut up and leave the debating and fighting to the candidates!

Fine, I'm good now, really. So for the democratic nomination, I endorse Barack Obama. He is by far the best leader among the other candidates. He is charismatic, goal oriented, and knows how to speak to people. He IS the great uniter and I am rooting for him to win in the general election. Far from the cantankerous Hillary Clinton, he has found ways to inspire people and motivate people to change. He has a plan for Iraq, one that involves something without dying. He has plans for health care, ones that don't involve me giving up mine. And he has plans to save social security, something I likely won't have when I retire. He is everything you can want in a candidate. He has integrity and family values in a way no conservative could ever understand. Why? Because he is the multicultural candidate that understands the rest of the world. He understand people aren't the same, don't look the same, and don't act the same. But damn it, we can still all live together peacefully! Barack Obama is the best candidate in the democratic party period.

For the republican nomination, I endorse John McCain. John McCain has shown himself to be strong in his own beliefs. He is willing to cross party lines to do what he thinks is right. He will make decisions about this war that are well thought out and come from personal experience in a bad war. Above all, I trust him to make decisions that he can live with. After all, he has lived as a P.O.W. and understands what these troops are up against. As well, he is a fiscal conservative among fiscal liberals in the republican party. I trust him with my money in a way I don't trust the other candidates. As well, I think he has had enough experience in politics to know what works and what doesn't. He is the real deal and this is his time to lead the republican party.

You may think it odd that I will endorse one from each party. But I am an individualist and neither candidate appeals to me in all areas. They are a hoge poge of beliefs and ideas that I can pick from. In some area's I can't stand them. In others, I love them. Among the two, remain my greatest hopes for our next president. So, for what its worth, these two are my guys. These two are the ones I will vote for when push comes to shove. If one or the other isn't in the general, then I know who to vote for. If both are in the general election, I am going to have some serious thinking to do.

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