Friday, January 4, 2008

The Iowa Cause, The Cotton Bowl, and The Danger in voting Republican

First off, a big shout out to the Missouri Tigers who showed Arkansas that they aren't in the same league. Go home little Razorbacks, you may be in the SEC, but that doesn't default you to a good team. The Tigers showed you that you aren't in the same league as them, no matter how good a running back you have. Better luck next year, McFadden is going to be even better next year, and perhaps you will have an offense around him. The Cotton Bowl belongs to Mizzou for the next year.

Now, on to whats REALLY important. The Iowa Caucus is done. And I'm sorry, but so is my desire to profile candidates for both parties. It just doesn't matter, and I will write on specific candidates only when I feel it is necessary. I hope no one was following them closely. LOL

Iowa is over, and they have chosen Barack Obama for the Democratic Party, and Mike Huckabee for the Republican Party. For Barack Obama, this is an awesome victory. I am very surprised that he, not Hillary took the primary. Edwards came in second and Hillary a close third. But it showed that Barack Obama can win, and he can get votes. For him to win the first primary is huge. And it showed that Hillary doesn't have the huge lead she thought she did. The Democratic Party nomination just got interesting.

But for the Republican Party, the nomination just got scary. Why? Because the choices, if it were today, would be between first place Mike Huckabee, a man who would love to rule over a Christocracy, and Mitt Romney, a man who believe in wearing Holy underwear. Ones a Mormon, a group notoriously devout to their faith, and a Baptist preacher, who just happens to be supported by a group of dominionists who believe in a country ruled by a biblical theocracy. Thats the christian version of Muslim Sharia Law.

Either way, its not a great turn for our country to take. In the end, if either of them win, we are stuck with a religiouso that is going to incorporate their beliefs into our government, more extreme that George W. Bush even. Its unfortunate, but I will vote for anyone who runs against these two men. I may even vote for Rudy if it comes down to it. In fact, I think I will likely vote in the republican primary just to vote against Huckabee and Romney. They are dangerous men who need to be stopped.

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