Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton

Probably the most controversial candidate, Hillary is attempting to become the first woman president in the history of the united states.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, born October 26, 1947, in Illinois, U.S. Senator from New York and former First Lady of the United States. Clinton announced the formation of her exploratory committee on 20 January 2007, with a post on her website.[58] She has delivered several speeches which analysts say are intended to reach out to moderates. She has also been holding fundraising meetings, including meeting with women from Massachusetts, a key constituency of potential rival and 2004 nominee John Kerry; however, these activities are consistent with the lead up to a campaign for re-election to her Senate seat in 2006. Many Republicans appear to be hoping that Senator Clinton will run for President, presumably believing her to be a polarizing figure.[59][60] If elected, Clinton would be the first female president. Clinton announced on January 20, 2007, that she will run in 2008 (the same day she announced the formation of an exploratory committee). She has filed the official paperwork for an exploratory committee.

The Good

Hillary is has possibly the most fiscally sound universal health care plan of all the candidates. She defies all nay sayers as she continues to show how it could work and surpass even the best universal health care systems in the world. As a champion for women and children, she is acutely aware that the ones most suffering from no or poor health care coverage are the women and the children. As a champion for both, a universal health care plan would ensure that no child would go without the shots, medicine, and checks ups they need.

Hillary Clinton has followed much in Al Gore's shoes with her view on global warming. She fights against Global Warming and enforcing strict regulations on emmissions. She is completely aware of the costs of enforcing emissions limits and pushing new technologies, but understands that the cost of not doing this would be devastating to our world. But she goes much further than that. Hillary would push for complete energy independence from the rest of the world. She believes, and rightly so, that if we did not need to rely on anyone for energy like oil, then we would also make our self safer.

The Bad

Hillary Clinton is still a congressional crony. She still never read the Patriot Act before signing it, or looked further into the Iraq war before voting for it. This is either a horrible lack of judgment or simply voting to look good at the time. There were very few people who knew what they were signing when approving the war and the Patriot Act and I prefer a president that knows to read something before signing it.

Hillary Clinton says she supports the middle class, yet she is a classical democrat when it comes to economics. She would not provide the relief to middle class, such as tax cuts, but would likely raise taxes to help balance the budget. Unfortunately, no one, not even the democrats, will support the Fair Tax initiative, save a view mavericks. Hillary is against the Fair Tax bill in congress with out a great answer for doing so. One can only guess as to the reason.

The Ugly

The biggest and nastiest thing I have against Clinton is that she buys into long term occupation of Iraq. While she spouts the claims to wanting to end the war in Iraq, she has already said that we will have to keep troops there a long time. She supports essentially the same thing as Bush, a large remnant force similar to what remains in Korea so many years later.

She says she wants to renew our image with the rest of the world, yet she lacks to basic understanding of why they hate us around the world. She buys into to the same old crap of "they hate us for our freedom" when its completely obvious to scholars and historians that they hate us because we have 725 bases around the world in over 80 countries. Its the fact that we won't go away and leave well enough alone that they hate us, but she doesn't have that level of understanding of the world. Neither does Bush. But our next president needs to understand that just being there makes them hate us.


tina said...

Thanks for the insight on her. I like any news I can read about the candidates.

konquererz said...

I am going to try and give my personal reviews on all the candidates in both parties, but I won't pretend that I'm completely impartial. All the republicans are faith heads, so well, I'm not fond of them. lol

tina said...

Me either.