Thursday, September 20, 2007

Forced Christianity

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Take all the time you need. I will be here and you can read my comments. Follow the embedded link to this story of how the military has tried to force someone to convert to christianity and supress his atheism. How he has had to sue the Pentagon to stop this blatant violation of his rights. How he has been openly discriminated against for not believing in god. Go ahead, read it all, and while your doing it, grab a tissue, and shed a tear for our fading democracy of hypocrisy! Shed a tear for the freedom your children will have to be christians and christians only. Shed a tear for our "sweet land of liberty" that is gasping its last breath. Then hike up your boot straps, and make ready to fight. We will not let this go quietly into the night, we will rage against the dying of the light!

Wake up America, the hour of your freedom is at hand! We are watching the changing of the guard the decimation of our freedoms before our very eyes, wake sleeping giant and free yourselves from your bonds! This is the hour when we can make a difference, don't let it slip into oblivion! Christians, your religious freedom will be crushed if you allow this type of thing to happen. Once they can get away with suppressing one, they can suppress a myriad of beliefs. This isn't a long post, but the premise is secure. Protect our religious freedoms, even when that is freedom from religion. Its about our future, our freedom, and our children.

Its time to open our eyes, the water is poison, and we have been drinking it.


tina said...

Man, I read that report before and just sat there afterwards, amazed at how people can be so blatantly intolerable!

konquererz said...

Whats really amazing, is that I told this to my parents, evangelicals, and they immediately started in on how christians get persecuted every day and no one cares. What kind of excuse is that for accepting that kind of behavior towards another human being?

tina said...

That is amazing. How are the christians getting persecuted? It's a serious question.