Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finding Perspective

I am a forum junkie, and as such, love to find a good forum discussion. I find that people in forums often like to talk allot but don't always know allot. Whats worse, people tend to simply ridicule what they don't understand. Ridicule is reserved for those who no longer have any arguments worth giving, yet they insist on fighting. Usually this battle has long been over, they just can't see it. Well recently, I was discussing religion with one such person on a local Paper forum. While I was completely incensed by her complete ignorance and worse, lack of knowledge that she was ignorant, a rather benign comment is what really shocked me.

Someone else popped in and made some comment to the like of not arguing with people like me because we don't see through discussion what they can clearly see already. He was essentially upset that I required evidence for what he believed through faith. Whats more, he believed in god because there were things he couldn't understand. So he immediately attached it to something super natural. But the idea that something is clear to them and should be to others show a complete lose of perspective and signs that someone has lost touch with reality.

The fact is that unless you were raised to think other wise, you would never attach other worldly causes to unknown events. And to think that others should do the same instantly is rather silly. What he is essentially saying is "can't you see the invisible super hero saved the day? The evidence is right in front of you, but invisible!" This may seem silly, but its the exact mentality of religionists. Unfortunately, when you see ghosts every where, its easy to ascribe any number of events to them. If you believe god answers your prayers, then you pray for more money, work hard, and get more money, then who is the cause, you or god? Well, oddly enough, its always god. Then theres, god helps those that helps them selves. Well, if I get help by doing something for myself then where does god come in at all? What point would that serve? A god who only helps those who help themselves is the same as no god at all.

Besides, none of that explains why atheists have the exact same luck, but they never pray. Why would god help an atheist, or a Muslim? Oddly enough, rich oil tycoons that are Muslim, give Allah the same glory. So who is right in this case? Well, thats easy enough. Take all gods out of the picture, throw in some blasphemy, some cursing of the holy spirit and see if you still do well for yourself when you work hard. I have done that for years and am doing fabulous. So the answer is obvious, having god around to pray to is the same as having no god at all. Only one of us knows where to go to thank the person who made their lives better. Atheists have only to walk to the mirror, no kneeling required.

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