Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fred Phelps is Gay!

It is standard for Christians to believe things that normally upset non-Christian people. However, there is one group that manages to piss off even the most pious of Christians. Westboro Baptist Church, run by Fred Phelps and his family, has made a name for themselves by claiming that god hates fags. But not only that, god hates America because American has embraced "fags". To take their beliefs to an extreme, the members of the church manage to picket soldiers funerals, picket anything possibly gay related, and picket even other churchs. They blame 9/11 on our "embrace" of homosexuality in the United States and say that every soldier who dies in Iraq deserves to die as punishment for America's homosexuality. They believe that most girls in this country are whores, they are happy that natural disasters happen to the world, and they give thanks when people die in this world. Some call them hate mongers, some call them crazy, and some agree with them.

However, this sect of Christianity is one of the worst. They castigate every single person they disagree with. They associate anything they disagree with as a faggot. But past that, they change perfectly good songs to indicate that god has some kind of hate for people. They of course can't seem to understand the entire idea of "god is love" as they completely ignore the entire idea of it. They say Billy Graham is going to hell, they call Princess Di a whore, and teach their kids to hate nearly all people. This is the worst part of all this, is that he teaches his kids and grand kids to hate like he does. They follow the so call "Reverend" Phelps and believe he is a prophet of god. They prevent dating, they believe it teaches fornication. They raise their kids to be walking talking picket signs.

They get upset that people call their belief weird, but I say its not weird. I say its immoral. But further, Fred Phelps is incredibly hypocritical. The reason for this is because there are so many cases that show those so against homosexual like this are usually this way because they hate themselves. They hate themselves because they themselves are gay. Obviously this doesn't apply to those who are brainwashed, but only to the creator of such. Fred Phelps, being so obviously hateful, would be a good candidate to be gay. I believe in my heart that he cannot have that kind of hate if he loves himself. Of course, the bible says to love others as you love yourself, so he can't love others since he doesn't love himself. He sees homosexuals, and he craves them, loves them, wants them yet his faith won't allow him to indulge who he is inside. That breeds hate for what he wants but can't have. Its a shame, because those of us who find nothing wrong with being gay and believe they are born that way and aren't gay, like myself, live a much happier life.

For this reason, I feel and incredible sadness for those he has touched. To see such inhumanity in one person in the belief of being righteous, it tears me apart. Such children of this hate have nothing left in life but hate. They will be little less than tools of hate mongering and nothing beneficial to themselves or other. Fred Phelps is an ignorant homosexual who hates himself and everyone else around him. Perhaps if he was not so ignorant and ridiculous in his beliefs and the way her portraits himself and his church, then maybe he would not die so miserable. Come out of the closet Fred, free your mind, and your desire, enjoy life, life isn't about hate, its about living and loving.


tina said...

Fred Phelps....Well, there's just so much I could say about him and his brood, but I see you have said it too.

Anonymous said...

Fred Phelps is a really angry man who is fighting with his homosexuality. The hatred he has is deeper than religion. He is a gay man and his anger is just pent up from not being who he is. Look at can see the evil in his face. And he surrounds himself with souless white trash who would follow a moron off a cliff if prompted.