Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Republicans and Conservatives: Out of their minds and losing control

Okay, by now I have railed on this for several days and you might be getting tired of it.....if you are a conservative or a republican. For those of us liberals, thats not the case. We don't tire of making them own up to the reality they tried to push on us. Three issues have caught my attention today. One is one I already pointed out but haVe new details on. Another was one that I missed the last few years. I'll start with that.

John McCain. Republican moderate for President. Are you sad that he didn't get in? Sad that such a man of integrity didn't make office? Lets review a few things he has said about the military.

He has said that he will listen to the commanders on the ground. You know, the people who are actually in charge that deal with the troops. These people know best for our military.

He has said that he would go with what the military says they need for advice on Gays in the military. But then changes his tune four years later (now) to saying they need to consult congress!

And again here, rely on the military people to make the decision, even though he believe DADT is working.

So we have John McCain simply saying what ever is politically expedient depending on the atmosphere in his party.

Same with allowing gay marriage.

Discriminating is wrong, but not allowing gay marriage is the way to go.

But, maybe he wasn't sure?

Here is shows his flip flops all over the place. Legal? Yes and no. Civil unions? Yes and no.

This is what the "conservative" wing of the republican party has fostered, insane flip flopping from the party that once called John Kerry a flip flopper. THey are out of their mind!

But no where is this more evidence than in the bill to create a budget deficit commission.

Bill was created and announced by Democrat Kent Conrad and Republican Judd Gregg. It was added on to the bill to increase the US debt ceiling, which by the way, passed. 17 Republican senators joined with democrats in a letter urging President Obama to sign this bill when it passed the Congress. Here is the letter and the people who signed it.

So what happened?

What happened is that the bill failed by 7 votes. And 7 republicans who endorsed the bill turned around and voted against it. Enough voted for it to say they were for the commission if need be in the future, but just enough voted against it so Obama couldn't get credit for a budget deficit commission.

It was a completely political move. Which brings us back to McCain and my final situation to bring up. Pay as you go economics. Paygo economics is the idea that you cannot introduce new spending without cutting something else so that it is deficit neutral. It was introduced by republicans and conservatives in 1990. It has been a staple of republicans fiscal policy when they are not in full control. They only want it when it can't happen. In reality, they aren't fiscal conservatives and have no intention of restricting their own spending in such a fashion. No time is this more evident by the recent rejection of a DEMOCRATIC pay as you go initiative by John McCain and several other republicans.

In fact, the party that houses nearly all fiscal conservatives, voted 40-0 in the senate AGAINST pay as you go economics! They voted against the principle that you have to pay for programs you want!

Every damn one of them voted against it! Why? You know why! It was fiscal responsibility proposed by a democrat, and they can't have that! They cannot allow President Obama to get credit for a position they are desperately trying to lie their way onto the high ground!

Republicans have lost their mind and are out of control. Their partisan ship is so ridiculous at this point that they cannot be trusted to make sound judgements on anything. They simply vote based on whether or not Obama is for it or against it. They have gone from obstructionist to actually working against things beneficial to this country in order to hurt the democrats. This is what you voted for Massasschussetts! Idiocy and partisan actions that harm this country! Wake up America! Through out these punks who obstruct for the sake of obstructing! It is now literally causing harm!

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