Monday, February 1, 2010

Conservatives and Republicans have a problem with Sincerity

Conservatives and Republicans in this country have a problem. No, I'm not talking about the obvious problem with reconciling the dichotomy that is the Conservative movement. I'm talking about sincerity. The GOP and the Conservative movement have a problem with sincerity in that they never seem sincere. Confused? Well, if you are a conservative or a republican, then your head is likely in the sand and you are very confused. But if you are a liberal or independent, then you are shaking your head in agreement.

Republicans continue to use phrases that get their base lit, yet they don't really mean it. Now, I know, you want specifics, and we will get to them soon, but just think about it for a moment. When you make statements about fiscal conservatism, shouldn't you expect them to act like it? Sure, you would. When you make comments about the deficit, then your actions should belay that deep concern, right?

But there is the problem. Lets start with recent history shall we? The President, a democrat if you have been paying attention, decide that the deficit is out of hand. And he is right. So he wanted to create a bi-partisan commission to decide what could and couldn't reasonably be cut. This sounds like a great idea and a great time to force the president to listen to their ideas. After all, they would have an automatic seat at the table! But did they? NO!

The amendment would have created a group to come up with a combination of tax cuts and spending curbs to be passed by mid term elections. But the republicans all said no, as did a few blue dog democrats. But without fail, every single republican and conservative in the senate voted no. Okay, so thats the Senate. But surely conservatives everywhere were outraged that this did not get passed right? WRONG! There was almost no conservative response to it! Apparently, trying to curb deficit spending is not a big issue to the conservative movement unless it is the democrats NOT doing what they say!

But this continues from previous experience as the general norm! As we have seen in my previous post, they pretty much spend away no matter how many taxes get cut. In the past 30 years, they have the highest deficits of any president. They hold the record for deficits and deficit increases. Yet, they are content to sit by and just complain about the deficit!

One can only come to the conclusion that Republicans and Conservatives are only concerned with the deficit when Democrats are in power. Other wise, they would have been blowing off steam for the last 30 years, not just during democrat terms! Which leads us to the premise of this post. Republicans and conservatives are not sincere about cutting the deficit, or lowering the national debt. If they were, then they would have jumped right in with the President and his council and demanded a seat at the table. Instead they voted it down. See, when people are sincere, their actions show their sincerity. If it were reversed, then every media outlet would be screaming this about the democrats. But the democrats are at least sincere. They ran on health care, stimulus, and environment, and they are working on bills for all of them currently, whether republicans like it or not. Which shows that they are at least sincere, if not misguided by some peoples view.

The "Conservative" response to the health care bill? Same price, covered less, and gave bigger quirks to the health care industry. Sincere about health care? No. Sincere about giving breaks to big corporations? Absolutely. But did they say that to the American public? No. Just the opposite. Because the GOP and the conservative movement are not sincere about what they want to do. They just want power. Which leads me to my third point.

Every single government expansion of power into the lives of the individual in the last 30 years has been under Republican rule. The last and biggest one being the Patriot Act. A "Conservative" President with a Republican majority passed the most intrusive governmental power bill ever. And what did conservatives do? Nothing. Mr. and Mrs. Small Government did most of the justification to the country on why they needed the power to spy on US citizens. Why? Because "big government" is only a term they use to try and win votes against democrats. They aren't sincere about having a smaller government.

Conservative voters all over this country get ramped up when democrats are in power, but are silent as death when it is a republican in power. Where are these "tea party" favorites when republicans have power? MIA. Because even they aren't sincere in their views. They are sincere as far as wanting republicans and so called conservatives in office, but after that, they don't care. Which is why there where no cries for fiscal restraint for 8 years while Bush was in office. Thats why there were no cries for smaller government for 8 years while Bush was in office. And thats why there were no calls for lowering of spending until the Democrats took power. Because they have a problem. And that problem is sincerity. They lack it because they, as a whole, hate democrats and liberals more than they care about this country. Their actions belay their intent. Watch their actions to judge their intent, not their words.

These people are out lying again. They are out making up stuff and their constituents who believe themselves to be conservatives are eating it up. All they while they know they will never attempt to lower the deficit or the debt or government control, because they never have before. Everyone needs a talking point I suppose.

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