Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GOP Exposed!


If you are a liberal like me, but find that people on the left tend to be a little wimpy, you will love this guy! He gives no last name. He goes only by the name "Jeff" and he hits hard. How many other people will come out and say "The Iraq War is the violent rape of a woman. And we are waiting for her forced orgasm to justify the violence". Damn! Thats some serious stuff right there! This guy tells it like it is. I love this guy!

Down load his podcast and listen to it. As well, feel free to mosey on over to the itunes store and subscribe to it and give him some stars.

He is a bit heavy on the Jesus stuff, and simply doesn't get it when it comes to Atheists against Christmas. But I can forgive that for his brutality when dealing with the GOP.

I'm going to do a few blogs on great progressive radio podcasts for you to listen to and download.

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