Thursday, January 8, 2009

Change You Can Believe In - The Change We Need

For my 200th post I really wanted to focus on one man and the impact he has had on this country so far. That man is Barack Obama. For two months we have watched as the our economy, and indeed the world, have crumbled beneath our feet. We have watched one hair brained scheme after another fail miserably and leave the average American on Main Street wondering if anyone in Washington cares at all about us. But, on Jan. 20th, a new Era begins. Will it be any different? I think so. And here is why.

Never before in our generation has such a diverse and qualified group of people been assembled for a presidents cabinet. He has literally picked the best of the best. He picked all stars. He didn't pick people who were okay and would listen to him, he picked people he knows will do the right thing. He picked people from many different points of view in security and intelligence and the environment. He will have the benefit of hearing many different sides of each issue. Something most presidents never have. Most presidents pick people who think like he does.

And yet, when assembly the all-star team wasn't good enough, he appointed a new position, a "government waste czar". Someone to patrol and eliminate government wasteful spending. When has that EVERY been done? In a time when nearly all economists say the government needs to spend spend spend, he is still working on trimming the fat. And he hasn't even taken office yet.

And then there is religion. He picked exact opposite sides of the spectrum to give the opening and closing invocation. On the leading end, and evangelical. On the lead out edge, a pro-gay marriage pastor. He has, in one fell swoop, given all sides of each issue, a voice in his cabinet, and even at his inauguration. When he takes office, he does so uniting people as never before by giving them all a seat at the table! This in addition to his online town hall meetings in which he people listen to your comments and actually respond!

Has anyone ever united a country in this fashion and this well?

This is the change we need. He is the right man for the job at the right time. America, you finally made a damn good choice.

On that note, here yesterdays presidential address to the media.

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