Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee, born August 24, 1955, in Hope, Arkansas, served as Governor of Arkansas for over 10 years. Huckabee has announced he will seek the Presidency in the 2008 presidential election.[33] He has made several trips to important primary states, including a four-day trip to New Hampshire in August 2006. His campaign has been focused largely on Iowa for the Ames Straw Poll on August 11, 2007 He announced that he would be running in 2008 on NBC's Meet the Press television show with Tim Russert.[34] and has since made an appearances on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, The Today Show on NBC and many appearances on CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC regarding the 2008 presidential election.

The Good

Wow, so much to love about this candidate. He wants to shut down the federal payroll tax. He is one of the few candidates who supports the Fair Tax bill. He supports a veterans bill of rights, higher standards and funding for education, and a huge push for preventative health care. In other words, he wants less taxes, better education, and a focus on keeping people healthy instead of just reacting to the bad. This is a brilliant and unique approach to government! He is one of the only candidates pushing for SMALLER government.

As well, he claims he will have us completely energy independent by his second term in office. Thats a huge claim for a Republican to make and something I whole heartedly support. Of all the republican candidates, he is close to the top for getting my support if I had to give it. But his strongest point is none of these issues.

Mike Huckabee's strongest point is intangible. He is hands down the most honest candidate in the field right now. He is willing to say things that he has to know are going to be unpopular with the rich and powerful. But that makes him an asset in this race, and a real competitor.

The Bad

Mike Huckabee stands against personal liberties as I see them to be. He is against gay marriage, he is against abortion. He feels it is the governments job to banned both of these things. I stand heartily against any attempt to limit the personal freedom of the individual.

As well, Huckabee stands with President Bush on Iraq. He wants to stay in Iraq until the job is done, despite the fact that we don't even know what that is any more. With Iraq, he has bought into the hoax of a global war on terror. He perceives most muslims as terrorists from what I can see, and says he will pursue the war on terror with single mindedness. That kind of single mindedness is what has prevented our government from seeing why terrorism happens to begin with. He fails to understand that when they tell us to get off muslim lands, then blow something up, the reason they blew it up was because we were on muslim lands. Its a fundamental failure to understand why terrorism happens, even when the terrorists themselves tell us why.

The Ugly

Mike Huckabee is a Baptist Minister. Do we really want that in the white house? He is against most personal liberties based on a biblically interpreted morality. As well, he stands opposed to any science that is against the bible. He isn't directly against evolution, but says god may have used that as a tool. The fact is that we are behind the world in math and science because we simply cannot accept anything that stands against our religious beliefs. He is no different. You can expect that any decisions he makes will be given in the light of his belief in an invisible all knowing being he calls god. Thats not the person I want leading our country at any time. I want someone who will make sound logical decisions based on what is the reasonable, logical, correct answer for our country and its people. I want someone consulting highly intelligent people and common sense in times of crisis, not someone on their knees asking their invisible best friend for advice.



Anonymous said...

I simply had to post on this article. The article gives the pros and cons of Mike Huckabee and his platform and posturing. I, like the author, quite agree that the pros are quite good and sound. The cons are a trifle bit weak when you consider this is the way we have been heading now for quite some time and it hasn't seemed to advance us. I think we can be tolerant to gay’s rights and abortion rights without falling apart in our program reforms. We don't have to be militant about what we don't agree with, just tolerant of what we don't necessarily subscribe to. We don't have to necessarily agree with these choices or lifestyles; we just have to respect them, as long as they don't hurt anyone. The AARP is pretty liberal about such views. They are live and let live. And right now, they want us to live longer and more quality lives with decent health care. Since we cannot necessarily depend on the government to supply this for us, the AARP has devised a website to that end. At http://www.thisissoridiculous.com , we can stay informed, watch a video, and sign a petition in order to make our voices heard. We must do this to ensure a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our offspring. I know about this because I am working for the AARP on their behalf.

St.Nölff,Ph.D said...

He wants to make a concentration camp for people with AIDS and pardons murderers for believing they've found Christ. I think it's insane, but people will vote for him because of that.

konquererz said...

Wow, I didn't know that. Thats pretty scary. I wouldn't actually vote for a preacher for president, but that puts him in a much darker light.

Anonymous said...

You are horrible if you aren't going to vote for him because he is against gay marriage and abortion. Abortion is MURDER !!! I would love to have a Baptist preacher as President.
God Bless you!!

konquererz said...

And your an idiot if you will vote for a man who thinks we need to change the constitution to match gods law. This isn't a theocracy you twit! Its a democracy, something someone like you obviously knows nothing about. Please, feel free not to force your beliefs on sane, intelligent people.