Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Privacy Redefined - The continued power drain

The first part of this article is the scary part.

The government says it's time citizens redefine privacy rights in the United States. This is true, in part. Many Internet users don't fully understand that anything broadcast on the Internet can't really be considered "private" in terms of anonymity anymore. The vast majority of communication done online, such as email, is broadcast over the Internet in cleartext, which is text readable by any human being without any decryption software.

But unlike what Donald Kerr, the principal deputy director of national intelligence, suggests, this is not an open invitation for the government to step in to help protect financial and other personal information. The same idea that we want to keep this information secret from everyone, including the government, is still just the same.

Since when has the government ever shown itself to be worthy of that kind of power? Every single time the government gets more power, it always abuses it. We have seen it time and time again, and even seen it break the law with impudence as recently as last year! When will be the people get it and stand up to this power hungry government? We must starve the beat, stop the machine, before we all get trampled!

The only question that will remain will be if one says is determined to be a vague threat to national security. Just think: One little joke sent in an email could land a person on the no-fly list without trial, notice or warning.

You just have to trust the government to have a sense of humor when reading your email.

At least somebody can see the light. At least one party is diligently working to preserve our liberties, while the government and party line lackies continue to chop away at that precious freedom our fore fathers bled to preserve.

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