Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lets don't wait till the water runs dry.....

The IPCC, along with several other agencies, have come to a startling conclusion. They say that we will face a global water shortage. Nearly 2 Billion people world wide will face a fresh water shortage. Among those nations effected include the United States. The cause of this is increased drought due to global warming. Now, this is another case in which stupid conservative CAN say that "we don't have enough information" or "we don't know if its really happening" or "it might not be man made" but they won't. Because this global water shortage will happen in under ten years.

Thats right, not time for wasting, and not time for arguing. The data is sound and they know it. But here is the problem, scientists are also saying that we are to late to do anything about it. In other words, we can't stop the water shortage, we can only prepare for it and hope for the best. Our waffling about global warming has caused an irreversible problem and now its time to pay the piper.

Some fun facts about America's irony. Florida is one of the ones that will be most effected. Florida has spent billions to turn swamps and marshes into pavement and cities. All that fresh water has been funneled into the ocean. Now, with so much pavement covering the ground, not enough of the annual rainfall gets absorbed into the ground, and subsequently into the aquifer, which is a major contributor towards our fresh water.

But now, major rivers like the Colorado and Mississippi are getting smaller. The Colorado is slowly drying up. As well, the Great Lakes of Michigan are getting smaller every year. Global warming is causing less rain fall and more evaporation. Bigger cities are causing less absorption. This time there isn't a doubt about what caused it. There isn't a doubt its our fault. And now, there isn't any thing we can do about it. Unfortunately, this is a picture of the future. We will face this same unfortunate irony in about fifty years. Only then, we will not have been given five years warning, but nearly seventy five years warning. And the out come will be the same.

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