Monday, November 23, 2009

Taxes are Bullshit!

Taxes are Bullshit!

Don't get me wrong, I understand taxes are necessary. In fact, I believe current income taxes should be a bit higher for people like myself and those who make more money. But it isn't federal income taxes that are bullshit, though there is a good argument against them as well. Despite the insane rantings of Teabaggers who some how believe their federal taxes, which are lower than they were during Reagan and Bush W, are some how to high, it isn't federal taxes that we need reprieve from. Its every thing else, all the other little taxes that conspire to fuck us over.

I get taxed when I buy a car. I get taxed every year on that same car. And I lose it if I don't. In other words, I pay to buy, own, and keep a car. If I don't, I don't get one. That tax restricts my freedom. I pay for the privilege of buying stuff. I pay for the privilege of buying food. I pay for the privilege of winning a drawing, contest, or lottery. I pay if I win in gambling. I pay taxes to buy gas. I pay taxes to use electricity, natural gas, phone service, cable services, cell phone services, internet services. In fact, there isn't a single thing in my house that I didn't either pay taxes to buy, pay taxes to use, or pay taxes to continue to own. It is complete bullshit.

Yet, most of these taxes are state, city, and county taxes, not federal taxes. All these damn taxes and for what? Every year, some tax goes up. Yet every year, in all three states I have lived in, they complain of not having enough money. Now, I haven't the time or desire to study the economies of these states, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say there is a good amount of crap that the states are spending money on that doesn't have to do with education, keeping up the infrastructure, or helping those falling on hard times. Why aren't people up in arms about the taxes levied by the states? Nearly all the taxes I pay are paid at the state, local, and county leve, not at the federal level. Whats worse, while I end up paying all these other taxes to the state/local/county, I still get state/local/county taxes taken out of my pay checks. Which means I'm getting doubled taxed. My money is taxed on four levels (fed, state, local, county)and yet, the last three of those levels continue to tax me on everything else I buy and own, which I have no choice but to pay for with money that has already been taxed by them. In fact, if you consider car purchase, you get double, triple, and quadruple wammied on taxes! Paycheck pays state and local and county taxes, then I pay state taxes on the purchase, then I pay county taxes on the property tax every year and the licensing taxes. Taxes upon taxes upon taxes, and Indiana happens to have very low taxes compared to other states!

Yet, the stupid teabaggers STILL protest FEDERAL taxes! Either these people are stupid or they are ignorant! Either way, you should consider knowing what you are talking about before you protest it. Why aren't we demanding less spending on the state level? Why aren't we demanding less taxes at the state level? I will tell you why. Because federal taxes are an easy target. You can easily see how many taxes you pay on your federal taxes. Now, there are more taxes than your income tax that goes federal. However, having tracked this for several months now, I can see that most of my money in taxes doesn't go to the federal government, it goes to everyone else in between. And that is why taxes are bullshit!


Cookie Parker said...

Have to agree. Everything goes up here. I don't know what we get for our money, but it's nothing I see at all.

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I am agree with this blog, i think the taxes just help the owner of the companies but never to the peoples. The taxes only do hard to live.

MikeB. said...

I agree. I'm from Indiana and taxes are fairly low, its still bullshit. Can you believe they are taxing us to wipe our ass? (toilet paper lol)
I heard a famous quote once.. "Freedom don't come free."

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all the hate towards "teabaggers". If you don't agree with a lib your automatically an idiot. I'm ok with most taxes, except taxes on my vehicle. I hate where a lot of taxes are spent. I think welfare programs are utterly pathetic and hate that my taxes go there. I've done everything in life right, went to college for advanced degrees, no duis, never done a drug in my life, yet the government takes my money and gives it to those who make nothing but poor choices. Last year I paid $32k in federal taxes. Some drug addicted skank I know with 3 kids paid zero in taxes because she is a waste on the human race. The government needs to quit punishing people for making the right decisions and awarding those who are utter screw ups.

Jay said...

Anonymous ^ hit the nail on the head on all accounts. Not to mention that some residents don't even pay state income taxes. And then there's the whole super-complicated FEDERAL tax code that is where a lot of the inequities begin- something like 17,000 pages of BS.

Anonymous said...

We all need to get together and start protesting, If we don't do anything it will just get worse. I agree the "little taxes" are the worse and also hate paying the "utterly pathetic" welfare. Lets get ourselves heard.