Friday, February 6, 2009


Alright, times up, game over, pass the damn stimulus! Republicans, either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Right now, you are obstructionists in a pointless destructive behavior! I have looked at the parts of this bill that the republicans say aren't stimulus, and I have to say, they are idiots. What part of spending don't you realize is stimulus?

They keep parroting the same stupid false statements. "Its just a spending bill, its not stimulus". WTF? What do you think Kensyian stimulus is? ITS SPENDING! Almost every single project on this bill needs PEOPLE to design, build, and maintain it! Designers, engineers, raw material harvest, shipping, building, renovating, and other such jobs! More teachers, tech jobs, and other good paying jobs as well! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

You lost, get over it! This country needs to you be bi-partisan and you continue the same failed crap! Yet now, the only one giving in the bi-partisan give and take, is Obama and the dems, giving up projects one at a time, and adding tax cuts! BS! You lost, we have rejected your failed policies! VOTE FOR THE DAMN STIMULUS!

As of right now, I can say I voted for some republicans this last time around. Any republican who doesn't vote for this will earn my vote against them next time on this issue alone. Stop getting in the way of recovery and either lying or being idiots about what is in this bill! Get out of the way republicans, turn off your god, Rush Limbaugh, and stop the republican noise machine and help this nation!

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