Friday, August 1, 2008

Atheist Rant Against Gay Pride Parades

Well, I never thought I would be writing this. I am very pro-gay. I want gays to be able to marry and adopt and have kids like straight people can. I still feel it is not fair and it is discriminatory to prevent them from having the same rights we have as straight people. I believe people are born gay and that homosexuality is normal and natural in every way. Even if it wasn't, I would still approve of it if my son or daughter is gay. So it is with a heavy heart, and an angry betrayed countenance that I write this piece of pure unadulterated venom against the gay community.

My source of venom are the pictures linked to this BLOG.

Follow the link to Flickr on it to see the pictures from the 2007 gay pride parade. And let it begin.

This is a set of tame pictures. A set of pictures that still includes plenty of men in thongs dancing around. Can you please tell my what the fuck naked men dancing in public has to do with gay pride? Can you please tell me what the fuck about half naked men dancing publically can do to promote gay tolerance and gay acceptance? Are you people (yes, you people, as in people who didn't fucking think before doing this shit!) out of your fucking god damn minds? Straight people have to follow the decency laws about public nudity and you violate it whimsically and label it gay pride? You dipshit fucking moron!

When you should be showing the world that you are just like everyone else, you let idiots in who where bondage clothings and walk people on a leash in diapers, something the is not inherently gay! You let extremists run the show and now prove to the country, in their eyes, that you are in deed nothing but a community of sexual deviants! Could you be any more stupid!? Do you want people to not let you marry or be like everyone else? Do you enjoy being discriminated against? What on earth is wrong with you people? Thats not pride, it should be shame for what you are displaying publically! Being gay isn't about getting naked and having sex in public, or show off your dick, tits, and cunt to the entire world to see! Its about nothing at all! Its about the fact that being gay is nothing at all! Its not different, it is normal and natural and you are fucking up that argument you stupid bitches!

How can I take my child to a gay pride parade when there are half naked people flaunting their nudity in public? How will I explain an grown man in diapers to my 8 year old son huh? Oh there are plenty of normal people in the parade that I want him to see. Two dads with their sons, two moms with their kids. People loving people being like everyone else is what he needs to see! He doesn't need to see a grown man dancing in a thong like at a strip club, which incidentally, he is too young to get into !

By endorsing, allowing, and promoting this kind of behavior, the gay community is fighting a brutal war against itself and the bad side is winning! The recent LA parade was apparently more foul than usual! IDIOTS! There is a constitutional amendment to BAN GAY MARRIAGE coming up and you pull this stunt!? When you need to be reaching out and showing and telling people you are just like everyone else, calming their fears about accepting a sexual deviant, you FEEDING their worst fears!

If you in the gay community are to fucking stupid to stand up and squash this insane disgusting display of over the top sexuality at a family event, then you deserve what you get. If you are not smart enough to understand what you are doing to your cause, then fuck you! I'm not standing up for you any more! Either I see someone with some rational thinking, or I will not stand up for your rights any more! I will not open myself up to ridicule with a yard sign promoting gay marriage just too see gay people make a fool out of me and this god damn sex parade! Get it together or go back in the closet!

If you continue on, then you will never be accepted and you will never have the same rights as everyone else. The way you acted at the parade with embarrassing. It has nothing to do with being gay and you know it! So act like! Act like reasonable human beings in a parade designed to show everyone that being gay is normal and natural. Don't let fucking sadomasochists and hyper sexual large jocked men make this into a sex parade. That gives ammo to the enemy and fuel to the fire.

Some one in the gay community needs to stand up and say what needs to be said and act like a responsible intelligent adults instead of hyper hormonal fucking dick heads!

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