Friday, April 4, 2008

Extending Creation - Desparate to Keep the Faith

I suppose I should be happy and reading these types of opinions. It should greatly over joy me. After all, this is a path that leads towards sidelining religion, while not getting rid of it. This is a path that leads to people not involving their faith in day to day life. But it does not make me happy. No, it annoys me greatly in fact. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the new creationist craze of theistic evolution. That is, the idea that God created the world via evolution, and even at times, special creation, in which everything but humans were evolved.

This is a way to rationalize what they can't get around in evolution, with what they want to be true in faith. This allows them to comfortably step from the realm of blind adherence to a "perfect" book, and accept that some parts of it maybe true and some may not. Now, at first, this doesn't seem so grand. But think about it. Once you can let go of blind faith in a 2000 year old text, then you are on your way to freeing your mind from the shackles that have been placed on it. This is a good thing.

However, I have come from faith. I have come from evangelical blind following faith to this moment in time in which I am an atheist. I took a one year slide that led from firm belief to nothing, and its all thanks to reading the bible. But I get annoyed that these people, when show the blatant wrongness of their beliefs, fail to make the next logical jump. I know I know, it takes time, but how can you defend these types of errors in the bible when I know you have the logic to break from that? Yet they cling to partial trues like they are salvation, terrified of the consequences of letting go of their faith completely. In fact, it almost seems as though the step to not believing in a literal 6 day creation traumatized them to believe even deeper than before, frightened to discard some other long held true from their faithful past.

How many times can a Christian defend gods command to dash babies heads against the rocks as something that was common at that time period, yet not see the foul immorality of what they are accepting? One can hope that its not for long. I will keep railing against these types of people until they crack. You cannot deny one bit of ignorance then accept the next. If its time to cast off ignorance, then do, don't let it hang around. Fear is your worst enemy, logic your friend, if the day is not ceased, then you will eventually cave into fear and back into the darkness that held you captive for so long.

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