Monday, July 9, 2007

Fundamentlist Heroes: Ken Ham

Ken ham is an Australian Born Evangelical who heads up the group "Answers in Genesis". But Ken did not become a fundamentalist hero until recently. "Answers" was just a silly website that had answers that all Christian fundamentalist believed already. Of course, this site helps to build upon the unscientific claims of creationism and help keep children ignorant and stupid in regards to science. "Answers" essentially gets all its information from the Bible and attempts to back it up with bad science which in most cases, adds up to no science at all. Unfortunately, to the unschooled in science, this seems perfectly credible since they already believe the Bible literally any way. This is one of the biggest problems facing the United States today, willful ignorance of the facts.

"Answers in Genesis" takes us back six-thousands years to the creation of mankind and our earth. Yes, thats thousands not millions. It claims that the Bible is backed scientifically by suggestions that the Grand Canyon (made of granite) was not cut by millions of years of water flowing on, in, and over it, but by the flood. Yes, Noah's flood and perhaps a great volcano eruption like Mount Saint Helen's. Of course, while decades of proven science has show beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was done over millions of years, they present no hard evidence to the contrary, but inject plenty of suggestion and conjecture as their evidence.

However, like I already mentioned, Ken Ham was not worthy of being a fundamentalist hero until recent, when he built the Creation Museum. Thats right, its a walk through history via the eyes of a creationist! It includes theories with no evidence regarding dinosaurs and fossils and other such things that have already been explained and proven decades ago. But they get rehashed and butchered over and over again in this monument to creation ridiculousness. This museum is nothing but an embarrassment to real science as it proposes that the dinosaurs were created and lived side by side with mankind! Of course, they either were wiped out in the flood or died out soon after the boat landed.

Ken makes sure, as do all "creation scientists" to avoid the pit falls of creation by not talking about how you could have 2 of every dinosaur on the boat since there are literally millions of known species of dinosaur. As well as ignoring the rest of the animals that we know for a fact existed, but could not have possibly fit on one boat, especially with the size we are told it was.

Non the less, here stands that pillar of ignorance defiantly in the face of knowledge, science, and indeed, intelligence itself. You can walk in and take a stroll through the halls of the bible masqurading as science. You can pay your 19.95 to get in, you can go home and visit the "Answers in Genesis" site that powers the Creation Museum website, or, you can do something else. You can go south a little ways to Big Bone Lick State Park and visit the "Birthplace of American Vertebrate Paleontology" that has less flair and pizazz than the Creation Museum. You can walk through and see lots of dinosaur bones on display in one room, many discovered by Lewis and Clark. It will tell you of the known age of the earth, thousands of skeletons, and tons of knowledge ready and willing to be absorbed by young minds yearning to know more. In other words, real science, real learning, is just south of the monument to ignorance called the Creation Museum.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Ken Ham's ministry.

konquererz said...

I notice you left the comment anonymously. Coward. Ken Ham is an idiot who wouldn't know evidence from a hole in the ground. If you hold him in high standards, that puts you in the same boat.

jgsmoothy said...

Every time I read a critique of Ken Ham and his associates, it reafirms what I have always believed about his critics, they have no frik'n clue. More than likely they have never ventured past the title page, as every childish comment has been continually discussed for a number of years (on a scientific level). Please help the environment, will you and Richard Dawkins stop wasting our oxygen. FLUUUUUUUSH!!

konquererz said...

I'm sitting here wondering if you really believe what Ken Ham does. Can your really believe in a 6,000 year old earth, against what ALL of science tells us? Are you really such a sheep that you will believe ridiculous "proofs" for a young earth? Do you REALLY believe that solid granite was formed in such a short time then cut by water in just a few days (40)? Despite the fact that we know that is not possible, people like you keep spreading it.

People like you are driving science into the ground in this country, driving us into the dark ages again, and thus destroying innovation and invention because you aren't smart enough to understand what a scientist says! Do yourself a favor, save the energy looking like a fool by backing up the idiotic, proven false beliefs of Ken "I don't care what the evidence says" Ham!